Overcome Infertility Depression

June 28th, 2012

Help To Overcome Infertility Depression

overcome infertility depressionDepression over your infertility can be devastating but overcoming infertility depression is not only possible, it is necessary for your success in becoming pregnant. It’s only natural that you are upset and depressed because you have to deal with infertility. Everywhere you look there are happy couples with babies and every day you read stories about parents that don’t want their children. And there you stand… wanting to have a child of your own so badly yet unable to because of infertility issues.

Overcoming infertility depression can be difficult and frustrating. Not too many people understand and even the ones that say they do have often never had to do through what you are dealing with in your life right now. Well-meaning friends and family will tell you not to worry and that you’re worrying about having a child of your own is causing your infertility. People might tell you that you can always adopt. This might not help you to overcome infertility depression and it might even cause you to go further inside your shell and be more reluctant to share what you’re going through with others. What can you do yourself to overcome infertility depression?

Self-Talk To Overcome Infertility Depression

depression and infertilityEven though you might not admit it to anyone other than yourself, you might feel that all of your infertility problems are your fault. You might look back at your life and feel that you did something wrong that is causing your infertility or that God thinks that you’re not going to be a suitable parent so you are being denied the child that you want so much. You might tell yourself one of a hundred things inside your head that all point to you and that there is something wrong with you. You are the cause of your infertility.

Thinking bad things about yourself isn’t going to help you to overcome infertility depression. Feeling good about yourself and understanding that more people go through what you are going through presently than you might think might help. Think and dream about what it’s going to feel like to hold your newborn baby instead. Dream about being big and round and pregnant and the joy you’re going to feel when you experience your child moving around in your womb. Continue to dream and plan for that baby that is going to come into your life and know that there is nothing wrong with you and that many couples go through infertility and eventually become pregnant. Your strength and desire to overcome infertility depression is something that you can do something about that can actually help your chances of becoming pregnant and overcome infertility.

Exercise To Overcome Infertility Depression

overcoming infertility naturallyThere are times when no amount of talking or thinking things through is going to help you to overcome infertility depression. You might find that you want to isolate yourself and avoid people in general. You might even have days when you can’t handle going out in public because if you see one more pregnant woman you’re simply going to break down in tears. This can often lead to a downward spiral that is difficult to pull yourself out of.

One thing that you can do to get yourself out of the house and also improve your mood is to exercise. Exercise is not only important to help you overcome infertility it can also help you to overcome infertility depression. Also, your chance of finding a pregnant woman out jogging or taking a kick boxing class is pretty slim. Your body also releases chemicals that will help you to feel better and further help you to overcome infertility depression. Overall, exercising is a great thing to do to help to overcome infertility depression and also improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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If you are suffering from infertility depression I hope that you start to do something today to help yourself. Depression can be debilitating and the stress that it puts on your body will hamper your efforts to try to get pregnant. Taking the first step to overcome infertility depression can be the most difficult but once you get past that first step it definitely becomes easier.

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